Greg Brinkley is a relationship-based fundraiser, an award-winning salesman, an author, and public speaker. He is passionate about fitness, music, personal development, traveling, and his faith in Jesus Christ. Greg aspires to live life with the purpose to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams and accomplish their goals.


Sammy Gonzalez is a professional marketer and versatile creative with a degree in graphic design and a career developing all aspects of marketing strategies and campaigns. Sammy searches for “the why” in all aspects of life and uses his curiosity to build meaningful and well-rounded relationships. He is a people-person and enjoys getting to know new connections. Sammy’s passions surround his family, music, design, fitness, and of course, living a life of personal development while helping others do the same. He has won numerous awards for his graphic design and marketing work but prefers to focus on trying to win the daily award for “best dad ever.”