The Pursuit of Growth focuses on a lifelong commitment to enhance your life by working to grow harmoniously through accomplishing goals, habits, and active progress anchored in 11 Focus Areas — Character, Attitude, Confidence, Relationships, Health, Love and Service, Lifelong Learning, Professional Work, Financial Literacy, Hobbies and Experiences, and Faith in God.

The Pursuit of Growth community is encouraged to join us online, engage in our conversations, and share personal stories that fit into any of the 11 Focus Areas that document and celebrate becoming the best version of yourself. Tag us in your posts!

Examples of your success:

  • New positive habits
  • New goals planned
  • New updates and progress towards goals
  • New accomplishment of goals
  • Meaningful moments of your life! We love good news!
  • Stories of your challenges and setbacks
  • Advice, tools, and actionable tips to help the community collectively work on our personal growth and development.

The Pursuit of Growth Co-Founders Greg Brinkley and Sammy Gonzalez will ask questions, post blogs, and share podcast interviews. They appreciate the collective feedback and wisdom of the community.

The accomplishment of personal growth goals begins with a desire followed by active progress towards a target. Let’s encourage each other, hold each other accountable, and celebrate each other along the way.

What goal can you pursue?

  • Can you improve your health?
  • Must you find a new job?
  • Do you want to learn a new skill?
  • Is there a trip you must experience?
  • What can you learn?

How can you grow in the 11 Focus Areas? The list of possibilities is endless.

Big or small. Let’s grow together!