Alyssa Spaw – Live TPG Show 18

Alyssa is an established health and wellness speaker within the community and received the Top New Vistage Speaker of 2020 award in March. Her biggest pursuit is to teach busy executives how to live longer, healthier lives through time-effective behavioral changes.

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Rocky “Rock T” Turner – Live TPG Show 17

Former Pro Baseball Player ROCKY TURNER, Known to the world as “ROCK-T” and current member of the RICKEY SMILEY MORNING RADIO SHOW – ROCK-T reaches 7 million listeners daily. You have seen him on the popular TV show, DISH NATION.

ROCK-T has added to his entertainment career by building a remarkable brand and legacy. He is founder and creator of STOMP WARS GLOBAL, the most successful stomping competition and movement in the world, which now serves as a life-transforming college and career pathway for students and young adults.

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Cory Procter – Live TPG Show 16

From NFL Offensive Lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions to husband and father, professional speaker, and financial investment advisor for his own firm Pro Capital TX, Cory has held many titles and roles — but what separates him from the pack is his drive to help others win.

Above everything, Cory is a warrior: for his team, his family, his clients, and his faith.

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