Dan Miller – Live TPG Show 23

Hold on to your seats, get your pen ready, and listen up… Dan’s experience, expertise and insight are going to change your world. I know it did for us.

Dan is an internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert, developing health and wellness programs for all walks of life. He has presented his strategies to tens of thousands of executives world-wide; helping them to live longer and healthier lives, reducing healthcare costs, and achieving greater personal and workplace productivity.

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Mary Lyons – Live TPG Show 22

Mary Lyons is the Wealth Woman. She helps clients optimize their retirement income by using the financial products that are right for their unique circumstances.

This isn’t a podcast about financial advice. This is a podcast about a fascinating woman who has built a business through hard work, insightful decisions and an attitude that she can do anything. From this episode you will have so many takeaways to help you achieve your goals!

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