Grant Price is a mentalist & magician who provides mind-blowing entertainment for private events. Grant Price has been an entertainer all his life. His biggest pet peeve is entertainment that is impersonal, offensive, or condescending. He has witnessed too many performers with an air of “I’m smart, I’m cool, just shut up and watch me.” This isn’t the demeanor of quality entertainment.

Grant gives your audience a show they will love by making them part of the show. He provides magic performances of the highest caliber without all the pandering. When Grant hits the stage, the whole show is about your audience making you look good and setting you up as the expert event planner. Grant has performed for 20 years for over 70,000 people including companies like Chic-Fil-A, Ferrari, Luke Bryan, Texas A&M and most recently Vogel Alcove at Day 1 DFW.

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