Mary Lyons is the Wealth Woman. She helps clients optimize their retirement income by using the financial products that are right for their unique circumstances.

***This isn’t a podcast about financial advice. This is a podcast about a fascinating woman who has built a business through hard work, insightful decisions and an attitude that she can do anything. From this episode you will have so many takeaways to help you achieve your goals!***

In 2003 Mary became a mortgage planner, specializing in integrating a mortgage into the overall financial picture, taking into account tax rates, liquidity, and rates of return. In March of 2006, Mary left the mortgage industry to become a financial representative at Financial Process Group. In June of 2008, she went on to become a financial advisor at Personal Economics Group and has continued her journey changing the lives of others for over 13 years.

Mary teaches at several national conferences and nationally known financial firms. Across the United States, financial firms have hired her to train their advisors on the remarkable strategies that her clients currently get to take advantage of.

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