Executive Presence is the capability to project trust and gravitas in your abilities under pressure. This may include inspiring people that you’re the leader they want to follow, inspiring confidence among peers that you’re reliable, or inspiring confidence among your bosses that you are trustworthy and capable of achieving your targets.  Growth in Executive Presence is a powerful skillset for both your professional and personal life.

By working to grow stronger in the following 6 skills you will see your Executive Presence rise and improve your ability to work with others and achieve your desired goals.  By pursuing growth in these areas, you will separate yourself from the populous who remain idle and therefore in a constant state of discontent from an inability to effectively handle life’s constant trials and challenges.  You will open yourself up to greater opportunities and you’ll have stronger capabilities for success.

1. Composure: Composure and self-awareness are essential components of Executive Presence. The ability to control your emotions, remain calm and in control, recognize emotions in others, and manage how you respond is critical for growth. How do you react under pressure?

2. Connection: It’s important to engage others when communicating and make them feel comfortable and valued as opposed to just barking orders or instructions.  Focus on how you communicate and learn how you can adapt your style to best connect with the individual styles of others. How well do you connect with others?

3. Charisma: Charisma is compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.  The simplest way to achieve charisma is by listening to others, focusing intently on them during the moment, and ensuring they feel important. Do you believe you can behave with charisma?

4. Confidence: To appear confident, focus on your body language. Only 7% of your communication is verbal. Maintain good posture. Make eye contact when speaking and listening. Manage your facial expression to match your message. Dress appropriately for the occasion. Prepare. Inner confidence is grown by hours, days, weeks, months, and years or practice and preparation. How can you work towards greater confidence?

5. Credibility: You must earn trust through your character which includes traits such as accountability, decisiveness, kindness, boldness, patience, etc.… Ultimately, you must gain trust, and demonstrate you are dependable for achieving desired results. How do people view your credibility?

6. Clarity: The ability to clearly communicate is necessary for strong Executive Presence. Poor communication is one of, if not the biggest, cause of problems in both professional and personal relationships. The ability to articulate yourself clearly and concisely is key.  After communicating, ask for your message to be repeated back to you to ensure it was received correctly. Are you clear in your communication?

How will growth in any of these areas benefit your personal and professional life? Will you begin working on your Executive Presence today?