Reading or audibly listening to books offers numerous attributes for readers and listeners, but the real magic happens when the wisdom or instructions are applied to your life.  I’ve listed the 6 most recent books I’ve read and summarized how I’ve utilized the knowledge gained to improve myself.


The 10X Rule is a concept which states that when you plan to achieve a goal, provide 10 times more effort than you previously thought was required for success.  Whatever you think you need to do to get the job done, always do 10 times more.  The concept is a powerful tool for accomplishing goals and overcoming failure due to lack of planning and proper execution.   The book also challenges readers to set bigger goals than they originally envisioned.

I have applied the 10X concept to my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goal setting.  I ask myself, “What is required to achieve this goal?  Now, how can I plan to take massive action to ensure I crush the target, not just achieve it?”


There is remarkable evidence that proves technology is accelerating far more quickly than anyone could have imagined.  During the next decade, we will experience more upheaval and create more wealth than we have in the past hundred years.  This is due to the emergence and impact of artificial intelligence, driverless vehicles, space exploration, virtual reality, and much more.  Every faucet of our lives will experience massive disruption over the next 10 years.

I have applied a game plan to study the various companies leading the way in new technologies and new industries to understand where I can make wise financial investments for the future.  The future is faster than I think.


We all have questions about what Heaven will be like, and after twenty-five years of extensive research, Dr. Randy Alcorn has provided many insights and answers.  In the most comprehensive and definitive book on Heaven to date, Randy invites you to picture Heaven the way Scripture describes it—a bright, vibrant, and physical New Earth, free from sin, suffering, and death, and brimming with Christ’s presence, wondrous natural beauty, and the richness of human culture as God intended it.  This is a book about real people with real bodies enjoying close relationships with God and each other, eating, drinking, working, playing, traveling, worshiping, and discovering on a New Earth.  Earth as God created it.  Earth as he intended it to be.

I have applied the truth that my life’s purpose is to glorify God and serve others.  I am empowered to pursue this purpose with the knowledge that eternal life in paradise awaits.  Although we only have a small understanding of what life in Heaven will resemble, this small understanding is overflowing with amazing wonders and excitement.  This book provides a biblical overview of Heaven that I did not understand previously.  It’s changed my purpose.


Matthew McConaughey always has something interesting to say.  He is introspective, honest, emotional, and fun.  Greenlights is his philosophy to seize the day and constantly move forward — a life lesson he has learned and shares with passion.

I have applied a commitment to view life’s adversities as opportunities in disguise.  This is a concept I have held for many years but Greenlights reinforced this believe and encouraged me to dig deeper in my understanding.  I have also applied a personal goal to ensure I intentionally plan something I enjoy each day, whether big or small in scale.  Life’s little everyday occurrences can easily fulfill this goal with the right perspective of attitude and gratitude.


David Goggins shares his astonishing life story including childhood poverty, journey to becoming a Navy Seal, and accomplishments as an endurance athlete.  He reveals that most of us tap into only 40% of our capabilities. Goggins calls this the 40% Rule, and his story illuminates a path that anyone can follow to push past pain, demolish fear, and reach their full potential

I have applied the 40% rule to my professional work and my fitness goals.  When I feel tired, overwhelmed, or think about quitting a task, I focus on the belief that I can give 60% more effort to  continue pressing forward to achieve my goal.  The power of our mind is our greatest strength.


The Pursuit of Growth is a lifestyle for people who feel lost, overwhelmed with life, or simply stuck in a rut.  It’s an actionable plan for people who want to move past the depression, stress, and anxiety in their lives.  This road map will also help people who are already experiencing a good life, but want to grow and transform their lives into something great!  Whatever phase of life you’re in now, this book will guide you to capably navigate today’s world. You can create a lifestyle that leads to joy, accomplishment, and peace of mind.

Yes, this is the book I wrote along with my great friend Sammy Gonzalez.  I plan to read this book each year for the rest of my life and apply its plan.  I need to consistently reinforce my mindset to focus on the joy found in goal setting and active progress, not only finite achievement.  The pursuit of growth is a lifestyle and actionable plan focused on pursuing incremental successes in the 11 foundational areas of life.  In opposition, primary emphasis on the pursuits of comfort, status, riches, or material items is a pathway to short term pleasure and long-term emptiness. It is my choice, and I choose growth.

Live TPG.