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Christian Lehinger is the CEO of a mental health screening company called Connected Mind. Christian joined The Pursuit of Growth Show for a discussion about mental health in our society. Click HERE to view the episode.

During our discussion, Christian humbly admitted that several years ago his personal and professional mistakes created an environment of extreme discontent in his life. Christian shared a story about an impactful shift in his thinking that made a remarkable impact on his mindset and perspective on life.

A conversation with a life coach provided Christian the spark he needed for his personal pursuit of growth. She told him, “instead of Have-Do-Be, … focus on Be-Do-Have.” In other words, first, “Be” who you want to be. Second, “Do” the things required to be that person. Third, “Have” the results it brings.

This is a powerful perspective on how to prioritize your perspective, goals, and actions.

Often, a person neglects quality time with their family, friends, and the simple things if life that truly maintain joy. Instead, they trade these items for blind pursuits of status, wealth, and material items. People tell themselves once they find the perfect job, build the dream home, buy the new car, or acquire a specific amount of money in the bank – then, they will slow down, act more kind, live with patience, be less angry, lived less stressed, and spend more quality time with the people they love. They focus their minds so much on the things they must “Have,” which causes them to “Do” whatever is necessary to achieve these items, and in return they destroy the person they truly need to “Be.”

Christian candidly spoke how his “Have-Do-Be” attitude was destroying his mental health. The switch to a perspective focused on growing a “Be-Do-Have” mindset set him free.

Define the characteristics of the person you want to be right now. Do you wish to be bold, decisive, kind, adaptable, courageous, patient, responsible, healthy, helpful, forgiving, loving, and available? These are your tools for true success. What will it take to achieve these character traits? What are your goals? Create a plan, take action, and grow!

When you prioritize who you desire to “Be,” and “Do” the work to become that person, the things you truly need to “Have” will eventually come your way.

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