Scientific studies and research typically conclude that 70% to 90% of people who come up with goals for the new year fail to achieve them. The lack of success many people experience is often traced back to the lack of efficient planning, discipline, sacrifice, and desire to reach the goal. I don’t love the idea of New Year’s resolutions, because they are typically filled with high hopes and little plans for success. They are wishes, not goals. I believe in year-long consistency regarding the creation, shaping, and accomplishment of goals to achieve the best version of myself. My goal process does include the creation of vision goals at the beginning of the calendar year, with specific metrics and targets outlined each quarter.

I’ll state again, I start each year with broad vision goals in 11 focus areas of life to challenge and pursue the best version of myself. These goals excite me! I clearly understand how the obtainment of these targets will enhance the quality and impact of my life. Second, I define what specific achievements must occur for me to accomplish each vision goal. Third, each quarter of the year I develop specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based goals (SMART) that lead to the accomplishment of the yearly vision goals.  Forth, each week I break down these quarterly SMART goals into targets to dedicate time to focus and complete the work each day. This may sound like a lot of work – it’s not. Planning is the key. I document my goals and progress in an excel document that I review daily as part of my morning routine. Each week I review and write down what actions and tasks need to occur to move forward towards accomplishing my goals. Therefore, I can effectively schedule time daily to focus on the work. For complex goals I create a written document that follows an 11-step action plan outlined in The Pursuit of Growth book.

For many of my smaller goals, simply writing them down and scheduling the work is the only step needed to achieve the target. The achievement of my daily, weekly, and quarterly SMART goals creates exciting momentum and growth throughout the year.

I’m excited to share my yearly vision goals for 2022, and even more excited for the journey, and God willing, the accomplishment of these goals for the betterment of myself to serve others.

In December 2022, I will publish an outcomes blog that will list the specific goals I accomplished that brings my vision goals to life.

To learn more about the 11 focus areas and the specific 11 step plan for accomplishing any goal, purchase The Pursuit of Growth book and join the journey!


  • FAITH IN GOD: I will actively volunteer & serve in church.
  • CHARACTER: I will create, frame, & follow a list of principles for personal, social, community, & professional leadership.
  • ATTITUDE: I will read 12 books to encourage my personal, professional, physical, mental, & spiritual growth.
  • CONFIDENCE: I will research, develop, & create a sharable process to create a mindset that overcomes all fear.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: I will spend a weekend with my parents once per quarter & reconnect with friends once per month.
  • HEALTH: I will develop, follow, & achieve a new health challenge focused on diet, fitness, & sleep (TPG 365.)
  • LOVE & SERVICE: I will prioritize plans weekly to support my girlfriend & her son.
  • LIFELONG LEARNING: I will create, answer, & memorize responses to the most common objections to Christianity.
  • FINANCIAL LITTERACY: I will create new specific plans for personal budget, savings, home purchase, investment strategy, passive income opportunities, & retirement.
  • PROFESSIONAL WORK: I will create and implement a strategic development plan for my professional career & a new revenue plan for Live TPG, LLC.
  • HOBBIES & EXPERIENCES: I will develop and accomplish a list of 25 adventure challenges (TPG 25.)

Imagine a person who is inspiring in their character, positive in their attitude, powerful in their confidence, united in their relationships, dedicated to their health, active in their love and service, skilled in their lifelong learning, enthusiastic about their professional work, wise in their financial literacy, passionate in their hobbies and experiences, and committed to their faith in God. This is a person who is able to live their life to its fullest potential. This is a person who is capable of annihilating fear, stress, anxiety, worry, and despair. This is a person whose mental and physical health can become their weapon for attacking the trials, challenges, obstacles, and tragedies in life. This is a person whose mental and physical health can create opportunities, excellence, purpose, and growth. This is a person who is able to regroup and grow despite setbacks and failures. This is a person capable of joy, accomplishment, and peace of mind.

This person can be you. It’s 100 percent your choice!

What are your vision goals for 2022? Will you create a plan to bring them to life?

Live The Pursuit of Growth