Has life burdened and hardened you? Are you tired of the same monotonous routine each day? Think back to when you were a child. Where did you find your passion and lust for life? Did your instinct show you how to recognize the immense joy in playing a game of chase outside, the excitement of exploring the woods, or the feeling of bliss experienced by spending quality time with family and friends doing the most ordinary endeavors like riding bikes, reading books, or playing board games together? The pursuit wasn’t about acquiring material items. The pursuit was exploring life with others.

Society temps you to value objects and cash over joys and delights. To switch your perspective, intentionally plan to live life through miraculous experiences over material things. Intentionally plan and prioritize the experiences in life that you love. Plan to spend quality time with the people you love, doing the things you love to do.

Follow these simple examples to get started.

  1. Name a place you would love to travel and write down the name of a person you’d like to accompany you.
  2. Select a dinner you would love to eat and write down a person with whom you would love to share the meal.
  3. Choose a setting in nature you would love to experience and write down the name of the person who would appreciate it too.
  4. Pick a concert you wish to attend and find a friend to join you.
  5. Determine an athletic endeavor to achieve and find an accountability partner.
  6. Designate 30 minutes of playtime outside each day, and a playmate to participate.
  7. Coordinate weekly meet ups with a friend to participate in the experiences they enjoy.
  8. Find time each day to talk with a friend about life.
  9. Single out something that scares you and face the fear intentionally.
  10. Seek someone who needs help and learn how you can serve.
  11. Schedule time alone each day for prayer, meditation, and reading.

Review your answers and take action to bring the list to life.

Live The Pursuit of Growth