Have you intentionally prioritized goals to grow into the best version of yourself?  What does the best version of yourself even entail? What type of lifestyle can transform you from where you are today into who you want to become in the future?

The Pursuit of Growth lifestyle is a lifelong commitment to enhance your life by working to grow harmoniously through accomplishing goals, habits, and active progress anchored in 11 Focus Areas—Character, Attitude, Confidence, Relationships, Health, Love and Service, Lifelong Learning, Professional Work, Financial Literacy, Hobbies and Experiences, and Faith in God.

Today’s culture encourages individuals to prioritize their lives by pursuing a lifestyle of comfort, selfishness, materialism, greed, comparison, and individual accolades. As a result, depression, anxiety, fear, and negative stress in children and adults are at the highest levels in recorded history. “The Pursuit of Growth lifestyle” was developed to show there is an alternative lifestyle to pursue that leads to a state of joy and provides the ability to face and overcome life’s trials, challenges, and obstacles.

What’s stopping you from creating goals to challenge yourself to grow stronger in each of the 11 Focus areas?  What goals will push you towards becoming the best version of yourself?

Imagine a person who is inspiring in their character, positive in their attitude, powerful in their confidence, united in their relationships, dedicated to their health, active in their love and service, skilled in their lifelong learning, enthusiastic about their professional work, wise in their financial literacy, passionate in their hobbies and experiences, and committed to their faith in God. This is a person who is able to live their life to its fullest potential. This is a person who is capable of annihilating fear, stress, anxiety, worry, and despair. This is a person whose mental and physical health can become their weapon for attacking the trials, challenges, obstacles, and tragedies in life. This is a person whose mental and physical health can create opportunities, excellence, purpose, and growth. This is a person who is able to regroup and grow despite setbacks and failures. This is a person capable of joy, accomplishment, and peace of mind.

This person can be you. It’s 100 percent your choice!

Live The Pursuit of Growth