Have you seriously thought about how long you want to live?

Dan Miller joined Sammy Gonzalez and myself on The Pursuit of Growth Show 023. Dan is an internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert, and he possesses an incredible commitment to health, wellness, and a life full of love and laughter. Ultimately, he has a goal to live to the age of 113, which is an important number to Dan. It’s twice his dad’s age when he died, plus one year. On his last day, Dan hopes to scuba dive with his great grandchildren. He claims he will not be living in diapers, he will not be living in a nursing home, and he will probably still be riding his motorcycle.

Dan plans to achieve his goal through a commitment to nutrition, fitness, supplementation, and a purposeful lifestyle focused on longevity.

When asked how others can obtain his commitment to living a similar lifestyle, he replied that he ends all his presentations by asking 3 questions.

Your honest answers to these 3 questions will serve as a starting point that shines a light on your reasons to live an intentionally healthy happy life.

  1. Why did you even bother getting out of bed today? (Your purpose.)
  2. How long do you want to do it for? (Your health & longevity)
  3. Who is supporting you in your efforts? (Your relationships)

“Very rarely are you seeing hyper strong, well connected, socially integrated individuals with a powerful “why” dying early.” – Dan Miller

What is your “why?” How can you improve your health? How can you surround yourself with powerful relationships? How can you take your answers and develop a life mission statement that addresses these 3 questions?