Grit is the ability to passionately persist towards a goal and persevere when you face obstacles. This passion is not defined by intense emotions or infatuation, instead, it focuses on direction and commitment regardless of challenges and trials.

Grit is fueled by perseverance and determination. Grit works to move forward even after experiencing difficulty or failure. To amplify your grit, start by answering the following questions as they pertain to your goals.

How will I define the “why” behind my goals?  This is your desire. If you do not possess a burning desire to fuel the journey towards accomplishing your goal, don’t waste your time. When defining your why, think deeply and broadly when identifying the variety of ways achieving your goal will benefit yourself and others.  Knowing your “why” is a powerful tool for grit.

How will I plan for success?  A goal without a plan is just a wish.  Creating a proper plan that is specific, measurable, attainable, and time bound provides a powerful template for success.  Add an accountability partner, and you’ll have a road map and a partner to help reach your destination. It’s hard to get lost on a straight road.  Following a well-designed plan is a powerful tool for grit.

How will I stay confident, committed and optimistic?  Confidence grows through preparation and experience.  What challenges are you likely to face while pursuing your goal?  How can you prepare beforehand to overcome these challenges when they appear? Commitment and the ability to “stay the course” is amplified when you are confident in your abilities to persevere when setbacks occur. Commitment sparks action which moves you forward on the path towards your goal. Optimism grows when you hold a powerful trust in your confidence and commitment to achieving your goal. Optimism fuels your ability to work towards achieving confidence and commitment.  These 3 attributes are intertwined, and each is a powerful tool for grit.

How will I work with excellence? What does excellence mean to you? What are the habits necessary for the work needed to succeed in accomplishing your goal? Define these habits. Define what executing these habits with excellence means to you.  Working with excellent habits is a powerful tool for grit.

How will I stay strong in the face of pain, fear, grief, or failure?  When you possess a powerful “why”, a powerful plan, a powerful combination of confidence, commitment, and optimism, and a powerful set of habits rooted in excellence, you have the tools necessary to develop grit. Grit keeps you strong in the face of pain, fear, grief, and failure.

How can you develop grit for the important goals in your life?