We can make incredible impact on our personal and professional growth by simply stopping.

Grab a piece of paper a make a list of 10 things that will improve your life by simply stopping! Your list might include giving up specific junk food, eliminating watching reality TV, quitting responding to email on your phone after work, interrupting other people when they speak, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, showing up late to work, criticizing loved ones, spending money recklessly, judging others unfairly, speaking negatively, cussing, etc… You know your bad habits; these are the actions that you consistently complain about or make jokes to friends that you need to address “someday.” Make “someday” today. Define your list of things to stop, and simply stop doing them! Reject all excuses. Just stop it.

Take your list and post it somewhere you can see and review every day. Define why stopping these bad habits will improve your life and share your “stop list” with a friend or family member to help hold you accountable. I personally create a stop list every 3 months to eliminate bad habits I pick up or sometimes fall back into. This purge is a simple life hack that works!

For motivation and a simple action plan, watch this short video from Bob Newhart that brilliantly illustrates the effectiveness of looking at bad habits and simply realizing you should “stop it.”

What is your list of 10 habits you will add to your stop list?