Do you put “have fun” on your to-do list?

As part of my yearly goals, I create a list of 25 adventure experiences, God willing, that I will accomplish during the calendar year. I call this adventure list the “Live the Pursuit of Growth 25,” or LiveTPG25 for short. The rules for my list are quite simple. I ask myself, “What cool things do I want to experience this year that will provide joy, excitement, accomplishment, and lifelong memories?”

Creating an adventure list can help you tap into the creative part of your mind that inspires your dreams, motivates your inner child, and enhances the excitement and fulfillment of life. Once you’ve created your adventure list place it somewhere that you will see it every day to foster inspiration to put your ambitions and plans into action. The key is to approach your list with the same intensity as any other major goal you’re pursuing. Plan, execute, and enjoy! As a bonus, ensure that many of your adventures involve family and friends.

My LiveTPG25 for 2022 includes the following adventures.

  1. Paddle board on Lake Austin, in Austin, Texas
  2. Mountain bike a downhill off-road course
  3. Hike Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas
  4. Kayak a river
  5. Paint a masterpiece for display in my home
  6. Horseback ride at Palo Duro Canyon, Texas
  7. Fish
  8. Rock climb at an indoor gym in Dallas, Texas
  9. Sail the ocean at Perdido Key, Florida
  10. Complete a 5K run
  11. Complete a 10K run
  12. Complete a 5K trail run
  13. Complete an adventure race
  14. Perform a setlist on guitar
  15. Experience the Marfa Lights in Marfa, Texas
  16. Swim in the waterfall at Turner Falls, Oklahoma
  17. Listen to a concert at the historic Gruene Hall, in Gruene, Texas
  18. Shoot a bullseye with a Glock G19
  19. Jet Ski on a lake in Texas
  20. Race in an Indy-style racecar at Texas Motor Speedway, in Ft. Worth, Texas
  21. Cliff Dive
  22. Enjoy a boat day with family on Lake Georgetown, in Georgetown, Texas
  23. Eat, drink, and play in Downtown Georgetown – my childhood hometown, in Georgetown, Texas
  24. Camp, BBQ, shoot guns, share exaggerated stories, and drink beer with high school friends at The Farm, in China Springs, Texas
  25. Spontaneously do “something” awesome and memorable

What adventures will you accomplish this year? Big or small, will you create a list? Your list can contain adventures held in your hometown, your neighborhood, or simply your home. Of all my yearly goals, my TPG 25 list is the most exciting set of goals I pursue and achieve.

Follow my journey online through #LiveTPG25 on Facebook and Instagram. Will you join me?

Create your adventure list and use #LiveTPG25 to share your journey. How do you get started? Make a list of 25 things, big or small, that you’d love to do this year. Let’s go!

Live The Pursuit of Growth