Navigating life’s trials and challenges is difficult.  Even if you are the smartest, most talented, and most ambitious person alive you will never achieve expertise at every valuable facet of life. But, imagine having a team of trusted advisors to help guide and support you along the way.  One of the best decisions you can make is to choose a personal Board of Directors of people you can lean on for support in the areas of life that matter to you most.

First, identify the areas of your life where a mentor, cheerleader, advisor, or coach can provide value.  These areas might include financial advice, home repairs, parenting or relationship advice, career support, technology, spirituality, mental health, physical health, hobbies, fashion, or simply people who live their life with good character and wisdom.

Second, seek family, friends, or people in your social or professional networks who excel in each of the areas you listed.  If you don’t know someone who possess the skills you need, make a plan to find and build a relationship with someone who does.

Third, reach out to these individuals and ask them to serve on your Personal Board of Directors.  Explain that you would like to utilize their expertise in certain areas of life where you can use support.  Offer your support in return.  Don’t be surprised if these people are humbled and grateful that you selected them to play an important role in your life.

Fourth, schedule time throughout the year to talk, share updates, ask questions, and listen to their advice.  Utilize these relationships to grow and learn from their expertise, not only as a lifeline when an emergency appears.

What are the important areas of your life where you can benefit from a trusted and skilled advisor?  Who are the people in your life who can fill those roles?  How can you help them in return?  Who will serve on your Personal Board of Directors?