One afternoon a few years ago I walked into the breakroom at my office and found our building manager seated at a table enjoying an afternoon cup of coffee.  We started making small talk about the day and touched on the familiar topic of weather.  I mentioned that I was looking forward to the Spring season and spending more time outdoors.  He agreed, and then shared a short story that I will never forget.

“Greg, did you know there are two miracles you can enjoy each day?  I make it a point in my life to get up early in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, and sit on my front porch to watch the sun rise.  In the evening, I sit on my back porch and watch the sunset.  In my opinion, it’s the best thing you can do outside, and each time I watch the sun come up or the sun go down I’m reminded of all my blessings.  It’s my time for prayer and gratitude.  In fact, I don’t have a big house, but I made sure when I bought my home the front porch faced the east, and the back porch faced the west – both with unobstructed views.” 

Hearing this story gave me the biggest smile and I realized my friend had just shared incredible words of simple wisdom.

Research studies show spending an hour in the morning or evening watching the sunrise/sunset serves as an antidepressant, improves creativity, enhances gratitude, and helps alleviate stress and anxiety.  This simple theatre just makes you feel good.

Recently I followed my friend’s advice and watched the sunset over a lake in Texas.  I felt life slow down as a calming effect came over my mind, and I was inspired by the stunning beauty and wonderous colors of nature.  No artist’s rendering will ever match this daily miracle.  I realized this is an experience that I need to prioritize in my life.

When was the last time you cleared your schedule and dedicated time to watch one of the two magical light show miracles that occur each day?  If you don’t have a great view from your home, find a park, lake, or simply an open field with an unobstructed view. If you want to make the experience even greater, watch the sunrise/sunset with someone you love.